Few people know, but American football is almost the most popular sport overseas. The final of the national league, known as the “Super Bowl”, breaks records for the number of views over and over again. And for any musician, it is a great honor to take part in a final of the American football season. However, few people know that you can make good money on this sport. Of course, this applies mainly to countries outside the United States and Canada, where betting on a national sport is wildly popular.

Before placing a bet

Before betting on American football, you should know the following:
Not all bookmakers offer good deals on American football betting, especially for offices outside the United States. This is due precisely to the fact that this sport is not very popular with us.
You need to pay attention to the specifics of the sport. American football is a very specific game in which too many little things and various factors are decided. It is necessary to very scrupulously understand the teams, players, tactical features, etc. In general, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will definitely not be able to put it “out of the blue” here, at least if you really want to make money on it.
American football, like baseball, basketball (NBA), and ice hockey (NHL), is very closely related to statistics. In other words, you will have to “shovel” a lot of statistics before making the right bet.

Types of bets on American football

In American football, there are both usual bets for all sports and specific ones:
The main outcome is the victory of one of the teams with a draw and without a draw (in the second case, the coefficient will be lower).
The total of points, touchdowns, realized field goals, tackles, kicks, fouls, interceptions, assists and other indicators can be general and individual.

Handicap on points.

Victory in the first half of the match (only the result of the first half is taken, and then the whole match, for example, with the W1 / W1 rate, the team can lose in the second half, if we take it separately, but win the entire match thanks to the backlog created in the first half).
Highest Scoring Quarter and Total.
First / last foul, rebound or other indicators (for which team he will be).
Race to a certain number of points scored (which team will earn a certain number of points first).
Odd / even of any indicators.

Will there be overtime or not?

Long term bet on who wins the tournament, gets the individual reward, earns the most points, and so on.
The bet on the winner of the football championship is very convenient, since even on the main favorite the odds will be very high. Therefore, you can take 3, 4, and maybe more options at once and have a profit if any of them wins. And outsiders, from the point of view of bookmakers, should not be underestimated. The Super Bowl results and even the playoffs are eloquent testimony to this – in the finals there is always someone who no one expects.

Recommendations for beginners

The most important success factor in American football betting is the ability to properly analyze each game. In order to conduct an accurate analysis of the fight, you must be guided by the following evaluation criteria
Forecasting features of American football
Before betting on American football, you should study the statistics and take into account the factors that will help you avoid stupid monetary losses.
do not rely solely on the bookmaker’s line. Before evaluating quotes, it is useful for a bettor to independently form an opinion about the chances of each of the teams;
the outcome is also influenced by the weather, injuries in the team, playing tone, away or home status of the match;
don’t bet on every meeting. It is more useful to select a couple of teams a week and bet on events that seem profitable;
place your line bets as early as possible to catch profitable quotes. Especially when a clear advantage is on the side of the favorite;
the teams’ past home and away games can be viewed on the English-language NFL sites;
preliminary analytics are simplified if the bettor studies the quarterbacks’ play and yard statistics. American football is about opposing the lines of attack and defense of each team. The simplest way to analyze is to count how many yards each of the opposing teams is gaining in attack and defense;
the most important player is the quarterback, who’s playing tone determines the team’s results;
study players who are not “stars”, but agile, tough and fast. The team will win if such athletes are surrounded by high-level host players;
avoid betting on teams in which quarterbacks do not differ in the speed of decisions and interceptions.

Is it possible to earn a lot from American football?

The NFL is one of the few leagues in the whole world that accepts fabulous amounts at rates. For the finals of the Super Bowl in social networks, you can always find screenshots of various “celebrities” who bet millions of dollars, and just on your favorite team, so, purely cheer, as they say. The same goes for regular players. If you play in foreign bookmakers, then, in fact, you should not have any restrictions on rates.

Key findings

Before starting betting, it is imperative to know the rules and distinctive features of the sport. You must understand why this or that club won / lost in the football meeting you watched.
Explore every type of statistic – for the entire team, quarterbacks, receivers, kickers, and other football players. Read the news and use all the information you can find on the Internet, especially on American sites.
Any strategy for betting on American football gives a result only at a distance, if 2-3 bets have not been played, do not give up, analyze your progress and keep a record.