Iconic American football teams to bet on

Every sports league all over the world has a number of all-time favourites and American football is no exception. All of the American football teams in this list have achieved something that makes them iconic. You should definitely follow them to understand this sport better and to succeed in betting on it.

Denver Broncos

In rocky Colorado, everything revolves around the name Peyton Manning. Who is that? How to say. One of the greatest American football quarterbacks of all time, a living legend, a real genius and, at the same time, a dense grandfather: his 39 years old, in terms of footwear, is about 120. For five record times he became the most valuable player of the year (earning the nickname MVPeyton), participated 13 times in the All-Star Game, has an impeccable reputation (they say that he graduated from his home university with so many points on the exam that his record has not yet been broken), outstanding leadership qualities and a supercomputer in his head: recall on the air the names of all combinations that once played at school? Not a problem at all for this guy.
In 2011, already at a considerable age, the quarterback suffered a terrible fracture of the cervical vertebrae, after which, one might say, he learned to walk again. After recovering from the accounts, the veteran and long-term leader of the club was traded to the Broncos, taking the football team to the Super Bowl in the first season.

Philadelphia Eagles

A powerful American football club with one of the best offensive attacks in the league, which missed the playoffs last year due to some monstrous coincidence, and has significantly strengthened this offseason. But the main star here is the coach and general manager rolled into one, Chip Kelly. This is an absolutely desperate and unpredictable man who is not afraid of anyone or anything: exchange his promising quarterback for a disabled person with twice torn cruciate ligaments, sign Tim Teebow, who has not played for several years, whom everyone has long forgotten about (at the moment, has already been expelled from the club).
However, don’t think Kelly is just a nutcase or a dilettante: for many years he led a team from Oregon (NCAA), which brings up the most creative quarterbacks and has the most spectacular attack of any university. If you see any crazy scheme in the NFL, it is very likely that it was developed in Oregon. Have you seen how Kelly and the assistants lead the players using pictures and some kind of dancing? This code has not yet been figured out. The all time favourite of those who bet.

New York Giants

The Manhattan football club is proud to have a long and illustrious history: the franchise celebrates its 96th anniversary this year. Due to the location, the team will never be deprived of media attention, which is also important for the fan. Lots of attention from the media means more info to analyse, which leads to good betting.
Now directly about the team. In the modern era, the style of play of the Giants can be described something like this: they somehow spend the regular season, setting records for the number of interceptions thrown, in an incomprehensible way crawl into the playoffs, where they begin to burn: with a difference of 4 years they won two Super Bowls, and that funny, both times – at New England. Once the Patriots even came close to a unique achievement: having a perfect season with zero losses. Having swept away everyone in their path in the regular season and the playoffs, they still lost one match. Final, last. Lost to the Giants.

Why to bet on American football?

American football betting is a great activity for those who love this game discipline. If a bettor understands this sport, then even high unpredictability will not hinder successful bets – after all, it is possible to bet not only on the winner of the game and totals, but also on some statistical moments.