American football in Europe

It is a well-known myth that American football is developed only in the United States. Of course, no country in the world can compare with the cradle of this sport in terms of its popularity, but still there are enough places on the planet where American football is not considered a curiosity.

In Europe, interest in American football is uneven. Leading countries in this matter were and remain Germany and Austria. Clubs in these countries have most often won elite European competitions, the best teams have rich sponsors, and we are talking about real professional teams. There is a second echelon – France, Scandinavia without Norway, Great Britain and Italy. Betting on this sport is developed in almost all European countries.

Braunschweig Lions
Better known as “New Yorker Lions” in honor of their permanent sponsor. The club from not the largest European city (250 thousand people) has a rich tradition. This year the Lions celebrate their 30th anniversary. From 1997 to 2008, they played 12 consecutive German finals in a row, winning 8 of them.
Their results are almost flawless. Playing in the European league throughout the past decade, they have twice won the Eurobowl and lost again in the final. They were the organizers of the Big Six and have played in the finals all three seasons, winning the last two. They have won the strongest European national championship for eight consecutive years. The New Yorker Lions are the strongest American football club in Europe. They are immensely popular among those who bet.

Tirol Raiders
Throughout the nineties, the Raiders were eager to become the elite of Austrian football, and in 2000 they played in the final for the first time, losing to the more experienced Vikings, then called the Chrysler Vikings. In the future, the team from Tyrol also acquired a sponsor and became known as “Swarco Raiders”. Under this name, they won the Austrian competition 4 times – 2004, 2006, 2011, 2015.
The Tyroleans have won the Eurobowl three times, and from time to time they played it with their neighbors from Vienna. In Middle of the last decade, the Austrians set the pace in European football. It goes without saying that the Raiders have been in the Big Six for the past three seasons. Last year they lost to number one in the final.

Vienna Vikings
One of the most legendary clubs in Europe. Five-time winners of Euroball (4 titles 2004- 2007 and one more in 2013), losing this very Euroball five times. In 2014, they were one of the founders of the Big Six, the most famous and coolest tournament in Europe.
Over the past 2 years, the Vikings have lost ground due to the fact that they have lost their main sponsor (they were called Raiffeisen Vikings). Just a few weeks ago they managed to come to an agreement with the Dacia company, so we can expect the Vikings to return to all the finals in the very near future. Fans of this team can’t wait to bet on them.

Frankfurt Universe
A very young team by German standards, Universe was founded only in 2007, but very quickly broke into the local scene. After gaining significant strength in 2015, they won the second southern league without a single defeat and advanced to the southern division of the major league.
It was last year that Europe recognized the name “Frankfurt Universe”, when the club took second place in the south of German football league (12 wins, 2 losses) and simultaneously won the European Football League (the second most important European Cup tournament), beating the Amsterdam Crusaders in the final.

How to bet successfully?

The outcome of a meeting in American football is influenced by the tone of both teams and quarterbacks, motivation of the players, the home or away field, and weather conditions. Do research before betting and bet wisely.