Top-notch teams

Every sport has a bunch of always strong teams and American football is no exception. This list may be a subjective list, but the results of these teams speak for themselves better than any words. These American football clubs are also one of the best in terms of betting. They always achieve great results, so betting on them will earn you some money.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are perhaps the most controversial American football club in the league: you either love these guys madly or hate them fiercely. There are plenty of reasons for both the first and the second. On the one hand, a motivating sports film can be made about the fate of their quarterback: Tom Brady was selected in the sixth round of the draft, started as the fourth (!) Quarterback of the squad, had to fight his way from the bottom all his life, and now he is the most titled footballer in history ( shares the first place in the number of championship rings with the legendary Joe Montana), is by far among the best quarterbacks the world has ever seen. Married to the world’s # 1 supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen (your girlfriend knows her).
It’s hard to say what awaits them when Brady hangs up his boots and coach Bilichek retires (it’s generally hard to believe that this can happen), but so far the Patriots are an unbreakable force. Scandals, more scandals, and victories at any cost. The controversy of this club only adds intrigue for those who bet.

Seattle Seahawks

A young and daring gang that does not recognize authorities: it is they who now dictate what football should be like. The only reason not to love them is the army of fans who have come from nowhere, who “from childhood for Seattle”: 40 years, from the moment of foundation, the club did not know major victories, but last year they won the Super Bowl, this year they reached the final (in the modern NFL such achievements two years in a row are outstanding), and now has a good chance of becoming a dynasty.
The loudest fans in the American football league (once even causing a micro-earthquake, this is not a joke), the most charismatic football players (which are only showman with Stanford education Richard Sherman and Marshon “I came to the conference only so that I would not be fined” Lynch) the player (as it is not difficult to guess, these are the fans), and a cloudless future.

Green Bay Packers

This is truly a football club that you cannot help but sympathize with. Located in a small proletarian town in the north (matches where players are snowing are not uncommon there), plays in the oldest stadium in the NFL, but you know what is the most interesting? The team has no owner. In general: the club’s shares are divided among the fans. Actually, the image of the team is based on a kind of “closeness to the people”: what is worth at least the tradition of celebrating a touchdown when players jump to the fans in the stands and celebrate a successful rally with them. You don’t see something like that every day, right?
This is probably why the Packers have fans in every American state and not only. In addition, the Packers are the most titled club in the NFL and one of the oldest, and never moved to a new location. Oh yes, the club also has one of the smartest quarterbacks of our time, and if injuries or their consequences do not prevent him, Green Bay is one of the most likely candidates for champions. An all time top in terms of betting.

Is it worth betting on these teams?

If you are a beginner in the world of American football betting, then you should definitely track down the results of these teams. At some point you will understand what it takes to make a lub of winners and that will eventually help with your betting strategies.